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About the Company

Spraytanpro Gives Mumtrepreneurs the tools & skills to become a spray tan technician.

Nicola Scott


Spraytanpro is a family run business located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Spraytanpro originally grew from Nicola's twin passions of beauty therapy & teaching, but has since evolved in to supplying a full range of spray tan related products, developing new spray tan solutions & delivering high quality insurable training online (for free!).

"I have always believed in sharing knowledge. Even when I was running my spray tanning business I was already training local therapist how to spray tan. One student came to me who had never done a beauty treatment or performed a spray tan in her life. Julie was studying full time at the local college & was working part time behind the bar at a local hotel".

"I taught Julie how to perform a perfect tan & also how to gain clients. She quickly gave up her job as a barmaid & managed to earn enough money to get herself through college & now works full time earning more money than she could of dreamed of performing spray tans for clients. Although many of her current clients are friends from college she has now added quite a few new ones including several celebrity names".

"What Julie went on to do is perfectly achievable by anyone else. You too could change your life & earn a living holding parties & making people look good & feel great about themselves".


"I have been working in the beauty industry since 1987. After studying for a degree in teaching I began training beauty therapists how to perform the perfect spray tan. All went well until I suffered a freak accident which left me hospitalised for several weeks & bed bound for over 3 months".

"It was during this rehabilitation period that I decided that I would need to rebuild my life & career. I had previously worked as a beauty therapist & trainer but soon realised that I would never be able to return to beauty therapy as many treatments involved standing for long periods of time & training spray tanning involved bending down".

"It was from this experience that Spraytanpro was born. I had always had a passion for teaching & now thought I could provide this training online to other therapists for free. & so my Book (Spray Tanning A Guide to success), my blog & the free online training & mentoring program was created".

"I never knew I had it in me to be a businesswoman, but there’s something very motivating about being told you might not be able to do something. You suddenly have the drive to make life as you want it to be, rather than living by somebody else’s rules".

I now want to share with others the knowledge they need to easily change their lives for the better.

‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?