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Spraygun Blockage



The reason an airbrush doesn’t spray is a blocked nozzle – all nozzles do get blocked – and it’s easy to solve.

You need to clean the metal nozzle inside the airbrush:

  • Unscrew the black nozzle screw - remove the silver cover - you'll see the metal nozzle
  • Unscrew the metal nozzle - you'll need pliers or a spanner for this
  • Use a sewing needle (or the small blunt pin that is in the instruction bag) and push through the nozzle from the back.Wash the nozzle in warm water.
  • You should be able to see through the nozzle from the back if you hold it up to the light.
  • Reassemble

We have included a video link on cleaning nozzles - nozzles are different but the principle is the same.



Troubleshooting Guide

Download the Troubleshooting Guide