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Spray Tanning FAQ


Do Spraytanpro products contain perfume, parabens or alcohol?

No they do not :)

What do I do if the tan is less than perfect?

A less than perfect tan can be caused by all sorts of things. The free eBook includes a troubleshooting guide that goes through all problems as well as the solutions.

How long does this tan last of the skin for?

This all depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin it won't last if greasier skin - skin needs to be kept hydrated. It should last between 1 - 2 weeks.


How many tans will a bottle do?

Approx. 20 per Litre (50ml per body). Any then you will need to adjust your nozzle and/or your routine.

Can I apply it using a tanning glove?

It is a liquid tan that means it is quite runny. You can however use a mitt to apply it. Liquid tan will go a LOT further than mousse.


How long does it take to dry?

This depends on time of year/humidity, but usually you will need to allow 10 minutes before the client puts their clothes back on.


How long do you leave this spray tan to develop?

Usually between 1 and 6 hours.

Extreme Express develops in 30 minutes


Are Spraytanpro products suitable for vegans? 

Yes, all Spraytanpro products are vegan.


What does DHA mean?

In short DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the (plant derived) ingredient in self tanners which makes you go dark. The higher the % the darker you go.


Can Spraytanpro solutions  be used with all tanning machines?

Yes, Spraytanpro Solutions  are  compatible with all types of spray tan equipment (including automated booths & hand application)


Is it oil based?

All Spraytanpro solutions are water-based


Is this tan nut free?

The product itself is nut-free. But as it is produced in a facility that also processes nuts it may contain nut traces.


Do I need to do a patch test?

Although the solution is free from perfume, parabens  and alcohol we still recommend that a patch test is undertaken 24 hours before application. This is true of all tanning solutions.


How should I store this?

Spraytanpro solutions do not  contain Parabens (which is a preservative) so make sure you store it in a cool dark place (a fridge is ideal).


What happens if I have a problem?

We have a team of tanning experts ready to answer your questions, simply press contact us https://spraytanpro.co.uk/pages/contacts


What if I am super happy with my Spraytanpro products?

Spread the word, share the joy & leave a review on Amazon Ebay or Facebook😉


Problems with airbrushes 

Many  of the problems I hear about are easily rectified, here are a few of  the most common problems I come across when talking to spray tanners:


Airbrushes need cleaning!

Your airbrush WILL clog  up it is even more likely after the first few times it is used (as it  can pull small pieces of plastic through in to the nozel).

Luckily this is dead simple to sort, I have even made a quick and simple video guide about how to clear it. You can watch it here



Compressors need to be away from the tanning area!

The  compressor (the bit that makes the noise) needs to be well away from  the airbrush and behind the spray tanner, If the  compressor begins to leak tan this blog may help.


Don't forget to do this in an area with  no soft furnishings.

Tents don't always go up first time.

The instructions say to fold towards your body from the top.

Sometimes  though, it is easier to lay the tent flat, take hold of the bottom with  your hands turned inwards and fold the bottom inwards. Having your  hands in the 'finished' position really helps.

If that doesn't work, try folding from the top.

Sometimes  too, if you turn the tent over and fold from the other side this can  help.  I know it's the same really but for some reason it does work.

If none of that makes sense I have a video that shows you how.

Tent a bit lopsided?

Sometimes  the steel can get twisted in it's channel, try shaking it: stand facing  the door of the tent, hold it firmly at each side and shake it,  then  put the tent down.

This should realign the wire in its casing.

Spray Tan washes off in the shower!!

Spray  Tan contains an instant bronzer, so you can see where you have sprayed  and the client feels like they have some colour when they leave. This colour bears  no relation to the colour the tan will end up.

When the client  showers this washes off, so you need to tell you customer that this will happen before you spray them, or they may believe that the whole tan is washing off. 

That  said you need to make sure clients haven't used any moisturiser or  moisturising soap (particularly Dove) the oils in the moisturiser can act  as a barrier, so prep prep prep!


Hose won't go on or blows off!

Different  machines use different connectors, many use a bayonet fitting which can  need a very firm (clockwise) twist the first time you connect it. Some  hoses can come away from the connecting collars, if this happens you  will need to screw the hose in to the colar, but it screws in  ANTI-CLOCKWISE, this is the opposite way you would normally screw  something in.


What is the best spray tan machine for home use?

The best is https://spraytanpro.co.uk/collections/spraytankits/products/rapidtan-pro-hvlp-airbrush-spray-tanning-kit-with-black-tent-6x-siennasol-solutions-more

How can I get an even spray tan at home?

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How do you give someone a spray tan?

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How does spray tan work?

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What is the best spray tan brand?

The best Spraytan can be found here 


How much do spray tan machines cost?


Try this link for an example


Do you wear a bra for a spray tan?

Good tan technicians will supply you with a disposable bra as the guide colour may discolour your underwear.


How long does a spray tan last?

With good preparation and application, a spray tan can last between a week and two weeks.

How can I get tan fast?

Try the Siennasol Extreme Express range available here





How do you prepare for a spray tan?

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How much does it cost to start a spray tan business?

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What's the best fake tan?

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How do I become a spray tan Tech?

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How do you stand in a spray tan booth?

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What are the different levels of spray tan?



How do you spray tan at home?

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