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Why is a Spray Tan Patchy?

Why is a Spray Tan Patchy?

First off....... Make sure clients haven't used any moisturiser or moisturizing soap (particularly Dove) before they tan, oils in the moisturiser act as a barrier.
Colour fading in patches, isn’t due to the tan itself.
It's usually due to too much tanning solution being applied or the client not exfoliating.
Apply too much tan & you get uneven wear-off. To avoid this:
1.     Reduce the amount of spray by adjusting the airbrush.
2.     If your compressor has more than 1 setting, turn the machine down.
3.     Move more quickly over the body.
4.     Stand back a bit further.
For streak-free, even tanning results, clients should exfoliate skin 24 hours before a spray tan. They should spend a little extra time on knees, elbows, feet and hands.
We recommend clients use a Solmitt 3-in-1 tanning and exfoliating mitt or Siennasol Exfoliating Wash (or something similar).
Make sure clients use an exfoliating product without any oil or moisturisers because these can create a barrier that will prevent spray tanning solution from reaching the skin.
If clients turn up without first exfoliating you will need to use pre-tan exfoliating wipes.

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