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Spray Tan seeping out of the compressor?

Spray Tan seeping out of the compressor?

If a compressor leaks tan from it's vents, seals or around buttons then you have a problem!

You will need to dry it out or risk leaking tan on to clients floors (whenever you use it).

This is caused by

1. Using the compressor too close to the tanning area causing the powerful motors to suck tan from the air and deposit it all over your floor.

2. The therapist has tipped the airbrush backward during the treatment causing tan to pour back into the motor

3. The airbrush has not been stored in the upright position.

4. The filter has not been cleaned


Avoid this by

1. Choosing a machine with a long pipe

2. Positioning  the machine well behind the tanning area

3. If your machine has a removable filter keep it clean

4. Using a good extractor.


If this has already happened you could try

1.Washing and drying or changing  the removable filter( not all machines have one)


2. Drying out the tan which is already inside the unit

a. Place the compressor on a tray - something you don’t mind getting dirty

b. Switch it on and leave the power running for 5-7 minutes

c. repeat until dried out



Please note- getting tan into the motor may void your warranty,  as many manufacturers would consider this misuse, however it is unlikely to damage your compressor as the components inside are cased in plastic.






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