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Popup Spray Tanning Tent Lopsided?

Popup Spray Tanning Tent Lopsided?

Tent a bit lopsided?

Sometimes the steel can get twisted in it's channel, try shaking it: stand facing the door of the tent, hold it firmly at each side and shake it, then put the tent down.

This should realign the wire in its casing.

This does (sometimes) happen when you first get the tent out the bag.

Here a video of Richard dealing with a recent 'lopsided' return.

To be honest even he thought it must be faulty but it clicked in at the last minute.

The bend looks like it is all over but it actually stems from just one area where the steel band is twisted usually it is along the bottom (as in this case). You just need to twist it and shake it and suddenly it will click back in.

As you will see from the video he ended up being quite rough but they do always click in. ;-)


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