How to unblock an airbrush

How to unblock an airbrush

Sadly.... not everything always goes perfectly.


Imagine you are half way through a spray tan and the gun splutters and stops


do you...................


  1. Give the client a full refund and apologise.
  2. strike the airbrush repeatedly against the floor until it starts working again.
  3. Calmly unscrew the nozzle poke a needle through it & proceed tanning.

Do you know what to do?

No prizes for getting that right but you would be suprised how many trained therapist can get this wrong.

A blocked needle comes about when a small piece of debris gets pushed in to the nozzle...... & it happens. So get over it.

Doesn't matter what airbrush you use, what solution you run through it or how old the machine is..... it happens!

Regular use helps to keep an airbrush running smoothly, if it is sat for too long  without use tan has chance to coagulate.

In fact new airbrushes are many times more likely to block as small plastic shavings (left over from the manufacturing  process) get sucked in to the nozzle.

Watch this video now; so that when it happens (because it most certainly will) you won't need to refund the client or risk chipping bits out of the floor.

Or even better have more than one gun!

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